The dying sky alight with orange and pink clouds pinned on the twilight background. The water below flowing steadily into the small bay, the constant current highlighting the stillness of all else - rocky beach, clouds, concrete wharf. Sea gull cries and soft lapping water create a peaceful harmony as a brisk, frigid air accompanies … Continue reading Patagonia 



I've been in Brasil for two weeks now and it feels as much a life time as it does a fleeting moment. Travelling thousands of kilometres from the country's coast to the very heart of the continent, I've experienced a slither of what is on offer. I was crippled by a flu when we camped in … Continue reading Brasil

South America – the first step to Wanderlust 

Brasil is another world, a crazed mix of life that I'm not used to. Ancient mountains suffocated by dense rainforest tower over the bright city. Favelas are strung along the steep slopes, honeycomb buildings that, despite their hollowness, remain bright and homely. Even the powerlines that knot in clumps on overcrowded poles seem to belong, … Continue reading South America – the first step to Wanderlust