Mountains and Mystics – India (Part Two)

India’s train stations are an eerie world of their own, closed off from the loud cities outside, they create a hum of noise and energy. Standing in the group, our luggage piled in the centre of our circle, I shifted on my feet as eyes followed my every move. A strange group of foreigners at … Continue reading Mountains and Mystics – India (Part Two)


Mountains and Mystics – India (Part One)

Along the railway tracks, one glimpses India’s private and painful world. First class passengers gaze down their noses at the people beginning their day outside. Unperturbed, in an open area of litter, multiple people only metres from each other squat on their haunches in the muck. Homes built of textile, tin and wood balance against … Continue reading Mountains and Mystics – India (Part One)

New Delhi, India 

A constant chorus of blaring horns. The intoxicating mix of spice, incense and waste. Polluted air burning your throat and lungs. Chaos before your eyes. Welcome to New Delhi, India. The stirrings never stop. The serenity of being home could only last so long until the call of wanderlust in the unknown returned. Approaching my leave … Continue reading New Delhi, India 


Straight back into overland life, we left Cusco the following morning after the Inka Trail. Curled up on my seat, I happily munched on Skittles as the wonderful world flew by. Unlike the usual stiff days after exercise, I felt no pain; only contentedness. The day was cloudy as we rumbled into the small village … Continue reading Peru 

Machu Picchu

It's hard to believe Peru has already arrived. A few months ago the great adventure of this bountiful country seemed so distant. To have made it this far fills me with pride. Our first stop in Peru was the lovely little town of Puno, home to the famed reed islands of Lake Titicaca. These impressive islands … Continue reading Machu Picchu

Bolivia 🇧🇴

Bolivia came in a flash, an overwhelming wave of new culture, experiences and places. The altitude made it a struggle for many, our first day reaching five thousand metres. Unlike the other countries we've been to, entering Bolivia was easy. Our leaders disappeared with our passports, and returned with them stamped. The Bolivian altiplano is desolate … Continue reading Bolivia 🇧🇴