New Beginnings, Ushuaia to Santiago

Darkness defines the mornings. The light of morning, a gift, saved for the road. The huge truck rolled painfully slow down an icy, winding road. The fear of a slip not far from our minds. Heavy snow caked the road sides, Ushuaia's farewell to us. The tension sun's glow emanated across the sky, breaking through … Continue reading New Beginnings, Ushuaia to Santiago


Musings of Home 

No matter how far you roam, all roads lead back to home.  I began this blog as way to keep family and friends updated with my travels. It began to develop into a diary too, not only sharing my experiences but my thoughts too. Being open was never my thing, honesty usually making me squirm. … Continue reading Musings of Home 


The dying sky alight with orange and pink clouds pinned on the twilight background. The water below flowing steadily into the small bay, the constant current highlighting the stillness of all else - rocky beach, clouds, concrete wharf. Sea gull cries and soft lapping water create a peaceful harmony as a brisk, frigid air accompanies … Continue reading Patagonia