Musings of Wanderlust

There comes a time in your life when existing isn’t enough. Education, income and food drown out the needs of your soul. You’ve forgotten what it is like to simply be.Musings of Wanderlust is an attempt to express this pure state of being as it grows and develops along my journey. I have come to realise the finite nature of life. That this may be my only time to be alone and free.

I have known for a long time that I needed to escape the rural Australian town I called home for eighteen years. Yet simply moving was not enough. I needed to explore, to know, to grow. In two-thousand and seventeen my great adventure will start, even though the wheels have been turning long before this time.

There has always been an overwhelming materialism, prejudice, and selfishness in my life. Moulded by my environment, I succumbed to these devastating flaws in humanity. I judged, I coveted and I hated. I became a person I never wanted to be.

Now in the new chapter of my life, I am ready for the journey that will see me to my salvation. Freed from the psychotic life of high school, the world is within my grasp. I will strive to be honest, kind and compassionate. I now know that this is the only way to content my soul, to soothe my very being. I want to connect with the world around me, not be a blank piece in the vexing and paradoxical puzzle.

Recently I met the most amazing person, the purest human being I’d ever had the pleasure to cross paths with. He spoke to my soul like few ever had. Not only did he teach me linguistically but he alerted me to the social and spiritual understandings I’d need for this trip. He had been raised by a simple mantra. Give thanks to the sun. Give thanks to the soil. Give thanks to the water. Give thanks to the air. Never had I met one who had been so unspoilt by this modern world in which we live. He is a man I will never forget for as long as I live. And I will forever be indebted and filled with gratitude.

And Mum, the one who guided me to where I am today. Thank you cannot suffice. You have been selfless and brave in preparing me for this journey, and throughout the journey of my life. To this day, I am overwhelmed by how much you have done for me. Supporting every choice I made, you are my conscience and spirit. I love you so much. And I miss you every moment we’re apart. Lying underneath an eternal sea of stars tonight, my chest ached with unimaginable emotion. With you next to me, I felt so large and so small simultaneously.

The undying connection humans have to the stars inspires me. The swirling turmoil of longing and wonder that pools in our eyes. I know that when I’m a million miles from home, the burning lights will remain glowing above me. Because our home is not in a place, it is within us. We are all stars, blazing or simply glowing, frozen in a blanket of space and time.

If the stars did not shine above us, would wanderlust still gnaw our souls? Would knowing we were alone on the small planet Earth satisfy the infinite thrill of unknown?

The days drift by as my daunting journey approaches. My heart aches as I consider all I am leaving. I realise it will be the last time I see the people who shaped my life as the girl I am today. My greatest hope is that over the next four months, the writer of these ramblings changes and grows. I travel to feed the wanderlust, not contain it. The moments, experiences and understandings I face will mould these musings, these musings of eternal wanderlust.


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